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April Wrap-Up

April was a sensational month at the Bergen Center! Despite our week off for Spring Break, we had an active month full of crafts and fun. 

Following our Spring Break, we held Spirit Week in celebration of Autism Awareness month. Each day had themed activities and crafts for students.

Monday was Pajama Day, and students were given the opportunity to decorate their own pillowcases to take home.

Tuesday was Silly Clothes Day, where students and staff were encouraged to wear mismatched shoes, funny hats, or anything they found to be “silly.” Students were then able to decorate their own hats and socks however they chose.

Wednesday was Sports Day, where students and staff were encouraged to represent their favorite sports teams. Students decorated travel cups with sports themed stickers.

To get ready for Superhero Day, students also decorated superhero capes to wear on Thursday.

To celebrate Superhero Day on Thursday, students wore their capes that they decorated from the day before, and were given masks to match. Our OT team also went around to each class to teach students how to make their own lava lamps. Students got to pick the color of their lava, as well as the color of glitter they wanted.

Our older students helped us get ready for Friday’s color party by baking cupcakes. To finish off the day, students watched a Superhero movie.

To cap off an exciting week, Friday was Color Day, and each classroom wore an assigned color.

Classes worked together to decorate puzzle pieces in their assigned color, which were put together at the Color Party to create a beautiful puzzle representing our diverse school.

Students decorated cupcakes in their assigned colors, and staff joined in on the fun too!

After Spirit Week, we took a Field Trip to the Liberty Science Center for Sensory Day! Held for special needs students, the Liberty Science Center offered a variety of sensory-friendly activities, including a short film in the planetarium, a butterfly exhibit, an outdoor fossil display, interactions with animals, and a Pixar exhibit.

We are looking forward to winding down the school year with some exciting plans for May!

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