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Our Promise

To provide the kind of atmosphere and learning environment that enables each student to realize his or her maximum potential while maintaining the optimum level of self-worth. 

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“This school changed my child’s life, and now he is grown and happy.”

 – Dr. Laura Lustig,
Founding Board Member and parent


Bergen Center for Child Development was one of New Jersey’s first private schools for students with disabilities. Founded in 1968 by parents, the legacy of their commitment can still be felt in our work today. We value families and work to support them as an important part of the educational team for each child. Many of our board members are parents of students who have graduated from our school.

For more than 50 years, Bergen Center for Child Development has continued to offer high-quality special-education services to students from all over the state of New Jersey.

Our long history provides the foundation for innovation. Nearly 15 years ago, Bergen Center for Child Development became one of the first schools in New Jersey to offer community-based instruction and job development, making us a leader and trailblazer in the area of transition.

Our Mission

“We strive to provide an educational program that allows students to develop their individual potential. We believe that every child can become a vital member of the community. We use an interdisciplinary approach to education and design individual programs according to the developmental level of each student. Behavior programs are embedded in the learning environment. Students are encouraged to make connections with friends, the staff and community members. Our program provides the opportunity for every student to celebrate the thrill of success every day.”

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