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Why Choose BCCD?

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Our school was founded by parents, so we understand that making a decision about where your child goes to school can feel overwhelming. We are here to support you as you make that decision.

If you have questions about a student’s attendance at The Bergen Center for Child Development, we’d be glad to answer them for you.

📞  Call Us! (201) 385-4857 

You can also check out our Did You Know? page for more details on our program and services.

  • • Will my child be challenged academically?
    Bergen Center, we go to great efforts to ensure a “just right” balance for each student, offering academics and opportunities that challenge, along with support and accommodation needed for the student to be successful.
  • • Will my child make friends?
    Many parents tell us that for the first time, their child has real friends. Children attend parties, plan “play dates,” and play at recess. There are no “special buddies” or assigned “friends” because our students want to enjoy each other’s company.
  • • Will my child “pick up” behaviors from learning alongside students with similar challenges?
    This is a common concern, but with individualized motivational systems, each student progresses at his or her own pace. The school environment is overwhelmingly positive, and the behavioral norms and expectations we set as a school community are high.
  • • My child has not ever learned to read. Is it too late?
    We believe it is NEVER too late to learn. We meet each child where they are and select instructional strategies from an array of evidence-based programs that have been shown to work. And if one strategy is not successful for a particular student, we try another. We do not give up.
  • • Will my child have opportunities like he/she does in a public school?
    Yes, in fact many parents tell us that their child has MORE opportunities to be truly included in school activities. At Bergen Center, every child can be on the basketball team, cheer squad, and other schoolwide activities. Students participate in meaningful ways. They are not the team mascot or score keeper – they are on the team and playing!
  • • Will my child be here for the rest of his/her academic career?
    Placement decisions are made every year by the IEP team, and parents are an important part of that team. As educators, we work to prepare students to learn in the LRE- and we work with families and school districts to build the supports needed so that when a student DOES return to his/her home district, he/she can be successful.

Here are some answers to common questions:

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